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Manage Risk Without Complexity

Save time, save money, and make decisions with confidence.

Purpose-Built Tools

Protect your organisation from harm with purpose-built tools you can customise to fit your needs. RISKUL is bespoke risk assessment and risk management software that provides a concise and standardised platform allowing you to focus on what matters – the content.

Fully Customisable

RISKUL is a customisable risk assessment and risk management software platform providing the tools you need to identify, mitigate, and manage risk.

Is Your Risk Management Process Effective?

RISKUL is a simple to use platform that makes ongoing risk management and assessment a feature within your organisation.

Effective risk assessment requires collaboration from various disciplines to enhance the content value. Real-time editing, updating, and content viewing by personnel familiar with your activities facilitates a comprehensive assessment process.

Identify Risk

Comprehensive risk management, which adds value by identifying and mitigating risk is critical to the safe completion of activities and provides tangible financial benefits.

Powerful Tools

RISKUL is browser based and utilises five powerful risk assessment tools. Each tool allows for collaborative and continuous risk identification from all members of your team.

Consistent Output

Don’t invest in second rate software packages with limited editing options, or use spreadsheets or word processing programs. RISKUL is designed for risk assessment / risk management and is an application that will meet your needs.

Unique Assessment

With RISKUL, hazard identification and control measures can be applied at conception, throughout design and development stages, to operational phases and completion. Each Risk Assessment Method has a unique purpose.

5 Powerful Tools to Manage Risk At Every Stage

Define your risk classification, develop consistent assessments with no ambiguity, and use what you create as input to your risk management plan.

Who Can Use RISKUL?

With RISKUL, you use the Risk Assessment Methods that work for you, pick and choose your combinations, export, print or share your work. Everything is in one place; you get an instant overview of your risk profile and focus areas for your Team.

Assesses risks as activities evolve


Automate risk assessments


All-in-one collaboration tools

Manage &

Your Team

Everyone in an organisation has a role to play in identifying and managing hazards. RISKUL is simple to use software with no complex interfaces. If you use a computer, you can use RISKUL.

HSW Professionals

RISKUL Pro is our single user package designed for consultants with Clients across a range of industries or a manager who undertakes assessment for their organisation’s activities.

Any Size Organisation

Larger organisations benefit from the RISKUL Teams or Enterprise packages where risk assessment collaboration is required across different projects with larger numbers of personnel involved in the risk assessment / risk management process.

All Industries

RISKUL can be used to manage any type of risk exposure irrespective of the size of the organisation, industry in which you operate or where your teams are based.

How to Use RISKUL?

Collaborate and manage with RISKUL



Create, manage, and collaborate on all your risk assessments in one place.



Build your risk profile and manage risk with ease, as you work.



Apply the right risk assessment techniques at the right time.



Flexible risk management for projects of all sizes and complexities.

Developed by Risk Management Professionals

RISKUL includes 40+ unique design and functionality features for each of our 5x risk assessment tools

All organisations are exposed to risk and must contend with hazards in their own way. Too many companies rely on scattershot spreadsheets or similar to assess risk, so we created an all-in-one solution. The RISKUL user friendly interface is built on a simple to use, intuitive platform which your team will want to use.

Plug & Play

We’ve done the work for you. Just input your data and you’re up and running.


Configure unlimited Risk Classification Matrices and add Keywords to create detailed assessments.


Specifically designed risk assessment templates that capture all the required information for the chosen risk assessment method.


Save time, save money, and produce concise and useful risk assessments that protect your organisation and add value to your processes.

& Develop

Work with your team to manage risk and have all your risk assessments in one place.


Your Dashboard gives you an instant take on your Risk Profile.


No more messy spreadsheets – effortlessly output clear risk assessment designed for purpose.


Always know exactly who is doing what for each one of your operations or projects.

All Your Data
In One Place

Your Dashboard gives you an instant take on your Risk Profile.

Dive into
Specific Projects

Our “Project” feature makes it easy to manage Clients and assign roles across multiple operations.


Communicate securely with logged messages within RISKUL.


Always know exactly who is doing what for each one of your operations or projects.
Detailed & Simple

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