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RISKUL is bespoke software, intuitively designed to streamline risk management without any compromises. We prioritise user-friendly interactions, making risk management seamless and efficient for you.

RISKUL was created in 2021 County Durham in the Northeast of England

In 2021, RISKUL came into existence in County Durham, in the Northeast of England. It’s the brainchild of Steve Cleland, the owner of RISKUL, who boasts over two decades of international experience in risk management across high-risk environments, utilizing various risk assessment techniques. This extensive expertise and insight have been instrumental in shaping RISKUL into the intuitive and comprehensive tool it is today.

Our Mission & Vision – Your Safety, Our Commitment

At RISKUL, we firmly believe that effective risk management can’t be achieved through office documents or mobile devices, standardised formats, or individual efforts. Many organisations grapple with late-stage risk management due to a lack of understanding, inadequate procedures, and in-house risk assessment formats that lack consistency. Our mission is to change this by providing a structured and dependable system. We envision a world where workers feel safe, and managers are confident, knowing that their risk is managed systematically.

RISKUL is the tool designed to make this vision a reality, offering organisations the ability to manage risk from start to finish efficiently. By centralising assessments and offering a fully customisable process, we give organisations the reins to control their risk profile, without complexity.
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