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Define Your Classification

Develop consistent assessments with no ambiguity and use what you create as input to your risk management plan.


Full Assessment Lists, Statistics, and Content Status.

Risk management and assessment processes should be started as early as possible. HAZID is used at the conceptual development stage to identify hazards enabling solutions to be applied into a design to negate, or as a minimum, reduce the need for hazard management at a later stage.

Key HAZID Features

RISKUL standardises risk, hazard assessment and management with formatting, default content that can be edited, and templates. Risk, hazard assessments can be approved with revision numbering and locked to prevent changes. Export or print reports and assessments using designed templates.

Internal or External

Label HAZID Worksheet content as Internal or External and decide what you show and share.

Further Evaluate

Can’t close a HAZID action, simply transfer it to HAZOP for further assessment.

Prioritise Risks

Select HAZID Worksheet content as ‘Priority Risk‘ to highlight on your dashboards and Project Reports.

Categorise & Sort

Categorise HAZID Worksheet content using Keywords, group content, work on the actions that you select.

A Dashboard for Every Project

Select & display Priority Risks and add as many HAZID worksheets as you need. Track actions, review, and approval dates. Print and export HAZID Worksheets and Project Reports.


All HAZID have document numbers assigned, User defined titles, and are listed in the Project Dashboard.


Prioritise workload based on the Status, Approval Stage, or Review Dates of your HAZID Worksheet.


Verify the content that you want to share and keep internal risks confidential.


HAZID Dashboard updates let you track and focus on the content required to move your project forward.

Custom HAZID Worksheet

A printable Summary Page shows your HAZID details from document identifiers, content, notes, to approval information. Pre-defined HAZID Worksheet headings, Keyword and free-text entry, content filtering, and row ordering allows for problem free data entry and tracking.

Limit Access

Content is secure with access levels determined on a project basis.


Add notes, share, or print your HAZID Summary Page & Worksheet.


Mark for review, request approval, or revise back to draft, its up to you.


Select a review period, approve content, & lock the Worksheet.

Simple Setup

Professional Template

No formatting, no lost work. Configure the HAZID Worksheet to fit your screen.

Worksheet Filters

Focussed View

Use single, or multiple filters and Keyword options to give a focussed HAZID Worksheet view when needed. Work on the content that you select.

Easy Editing

Edit & Update Content

Click, edit, and order HAZID Worksheet content. Automation generates sequential row Id’s.

Content Control

Order & Assign

Order your HAZID Worksheet, identify Priority Risk, decide which content can be viewed, and allocate responsibility.


Operability Issues and Deviations.

HAZOP follows on from HAZID but is also great as a stand-alone assessment. HAZOP looks at operability and intent to ascertain what could go wrong and what the outcome of a failure could be. HAZOP can be introduced retrospectively to existing operations, processes, or procedures, it’s there when you need it.

Key HAZOP Features

HAZOP is a natural follow-on process from HAZID but works great as a stand-alone assessment. HAZOP looks at operability and intent to ascertain what could go wrong and what the outcome of a failure would be.

Flag Deviations

Add Guidewords to your RISKUL Keyword library for use when needed.

Get Descriptive

Supplement your chosen Guidewords with descriptive text to aide in their use.

Track Actions

Can’t close a HAZID action, transfer it to HAZOP and continue working on your mitigation.

Produce Reports

Generate detailed HAZOP Worksheets with actions assigned and Guideword listings included.

A Complete Overview

See all your HAZOP Worksheets, action status, and approval state. Add as many HAZOP worksheets as you need, copy HAZOP to another project, print, and export Project Reports.


System generated document numbers combine with User defined HAZOP Worksheet titles.


Set a Review Period and get reminded when it’s about to expire, all your content kept in date.


Sequential revision numbering when HAZOP Worksheets are reviewed and approved.


Draft, In Review, Approved, the Stage of your HAZOP Worksheets visible at a glance from the Dashboard.

HAZOP Summary Page & Worksheet Template

Copy, share, or print your HAZOP Worksheets with all your administration details included. Populate a professionally designed HAZOP Worksheet template that includes all the information you could need. Apply Guidewords, never lose sight of an action, and produce comprehensive HAZOP studies.


Add an unlimited number of HAZOP Worksheets to your project.


Add Guidewords as you need them to develop your Keyword library.


From draft to approved, the Stage of your HAZOP is your choice.


Select and display Priority Risks from your HAZOP Worksheets.

Easy to Use

Concise Worksheet

No formatting, no lost work, just enter the content that you want when you want.

Copy & Reuse

Reuse Content

Copy from project to project or from worksheet to worksheet, copied content removes project specific information to save you time.

Operability Issues

Apply Guidewords

Select existing Guidewords from your Keyword library, add new, create project specific or one time use Guidewords. Logging HAZOP has never been this easy.

Transfer Content

Continue with Mitigation

Open actions from HAZID Worksheets can be transferred to a HAZOP Worksheet. Track, mitigate, and close when you’re ready.


Operationally Focussed Risk Assessment Technique.

HIRA is a qualitative Hazard Identification Risk Assessment tool used to assess hazards associated with activities. HIRA can be applied as a single risk assessment method to a variety of activities or as part of a risk assessment hierarchy following HAZID or HAZOP.

Key HIRA Features

HIRA, short for Hazard Identification Risk Assessment, is an operationally focused, qualitative tool used to evaluate the hazards linked to various activities. It can be applied both as a standalone risk assessment method and as part of a broader risk assessment hierarchy, often following a HAZID or HAZOP analysis.

Risk Scoring

Score risk and residual risk from selection in your Risk Classification Matrix.

Worksheet Choices

Mark your content as Open, Ongoing, or Closed, you decide when hazards are managed.

Descriptive Text

Use free text worksheet entries to describe your mitigation measures in sufficient detail.

Risk Acceptance

Low, medium, or high risk, define what is acceptable, and see your action as you develop your HIRA Worksheets.

Effortless HIRA Monitoring

Explore HIRA dashboards tailored to each project, offering an all-in-one glimpse of your HIRA status. Easily manage, duplicate, print, export, and collaborate on your HIRA Worksheets.


Risk Acceptance Levels are defined when you develop your Risk Classification Matrix.


Use system set review periods, or leave the review date as Not Set, it’s up to you.

High, Med, Low

Residual Risk Scores help you decide when actions aren’t sufficient.


Draft, In Review, Approved, the Stage and Residual Risk Scores of your HIRA Worksheets, shown in dashboard charts.

Simplify Hazard Management with RISKUL’s HIRA Template

Effortlessly manage hazards with RISKUL’s custom HIRA template, including a Summary Page, and adapt as your activity evolves while minimizing risks.


Add an unlimited number of HIRA Worksheets to your project.


Add Keywords to the Keyword Library for reuse in all your assessments.


Open, Ongoing, Closed actions summaries from combined and individual HIRA.


Change your Risk Classification Matrix and your Worksheets update automatically.

Easy to Use

Professional Layout

No formatting, no lost work, just enter the content that you want when you want.

Direct Interface

Risk Classification Matrix

Select from the content and definitions that you defined in your Risk Classification Matrix. Update your Risk Classification Matrix and your Worksheet update automatically.

Keyword Functions

Standard Content

Use Keywords to standardise your assessment content, limit content to be project specific, or add free text entries. The choice is yours.

Responsibility for Actions

Assign Actions

You pick who is needed to close the action. Select a member from the project team add a specific role function.


Focus on Specifics.

If your risk assessment is used to identify and manage physical hazards, then TRA is a logical choice. The TRA is developed with, and for the end user, and should be considered as an activity specific assessment.

Key TRA Features

Opt for TRA when pinpointing and controlling physical hazards is your goal. This user-centric approach can serve as a standalone risk assessment or seamlessly follow your initial HIRA evaluation.


Identify and select specific PPE using Keywords.

Safety Precautions

Specify job specific Safety Precautions that need to implemented.

Risk Categories

Assess risk against up to 4x categories that you define.

Generic Risk Assessments

Create specific or generic Task Risk Assessments for use in your projects.

Explore Project Insights with the TRA Dashboard

Dive deep into project specifics with your dedicated TRA dashboard. Seamlessly manage, duplicate, print, export, and collaborate on your TRA Worksheets.


Select ‘At Risk’ from your Risk Classification Matrix, no ambiguity, just clear choices.


Notice an error? no problem, edit your Risk Classification Matrix as and when you need to.


No confusion, assessments are completed using your Risk Classification Matrix.


Free text selections let you enter exactly what you need to compile detailed Task Risk Assessments.

Empower Your Team with Targeted Hazard Management

Use our professional TRA template with a Summary Page to provide vital information. Customise content, duplicate rows, delegate control measures, track progress, and approve upon completion.


Use your TRA for one-off tasks or write generic TRA, the choice is yours.


Use content from the Keywords menu or add specific content.


Set your Worksheet to fit your screen size and forget about formatting.


RISKUL Worksheet headings fit the assessment type perfectly.

Easy to Use

User Friendly Interface

Specify your task, identify hazards, consequences, who/what is at risk, evaluate the risk, pre/post control measures and assign the action. The TRA worksheet is designed to document all the information you need to assess your tasks.

Detail Safety Precautions

Protect your People

Document specific Safety Precautions for TRA users. Safety Precautions can be a prompt, a reminder, or specific instruction; ensure work is always completed safely.

Specify PPE

Personal Protection

Specify the exact PPE requirements for each task. You state the type of PPE to be used and when to use it. Provide your people with the information that they need to work safely.

Stay in Control

Be Specific

Use your Risk Classification Matrix Consequence and Probability content to get your risk & residual risk value and document your control measures.


Unlocking Opportunities in Risk Management

Our Risk Register & Opportunities tool empowers you to identify, track, and manage both positive and negative effects of strategic and operational risks. Discover opportunities within your risk landscape and craft effective management strategies for your activities.

Risk Register & Opportunity Features

Identify, track, and manage Strategic & Operational risk that can impact activities. Find and assess opportunities in your identified risks and activities and determine the best management strategy to apply.

Assessment Categories

Assess against Strategic and Operational risk from your Risk Classification Matrix.

Identify Opportunities

Identify, log, and track Opportunities. You decide on the best strategy.

Keyword Dependents

Create detailed Risk Register entries using category and sub-category Keywords.

Opportunity & Risk

Link Risk Register and Opportunity content and see the opportunities your risks can present.

Comprehensive Insights with Risk Register Dashboards

Gain access to dedicated Risk Register & Opportunity dashboards for each project, offering you insights from Project Risk, Strategic Risk & Opportunities, and helping you identify priority content.


A snapshot overview of Project Risk, Strategic Risk, Opportunity content, and Status.


Focus on what needs attention, Residual Risk charts show your current risk profile.


Opportunity Action Levels are defined when you develop your Opportunity Matrix.


Identify the strategies that you use to manage risk and opportunities.

Effortless Risk and Opportunity Logging

Log operational, strategic risks, and opportunities seamlessly with our comprehensive Risk Register and Opportunity Worksheet template. Categorise your content, identify classifications, and record management actions. Recognise opportunities, assign value categories, plan actions, and strategise effectively.


Define the value of Opportunities that are important to your organisation.


Benefit and Probability help you decide what to do with an Opportunity.


Work across the Risk Register and Opportunity Worksheet with ease.


Risk Register ‘At Risk’ selections determine which ‘At Risk’ categories are presented.

Detailed & Simple

Capture What’s Important

2x worksheets that compliment perfectly, no limit on content quantity. All the detail you need, without the formatting.

Multiple Choices

Matrix Selection

At Risk category selection will determine whether the Consequence choice is presented from the Strategic or Project Risk Classification content.

Worksheet Interface

Opportunity Matrix

Opportunity Benefit & Probability selections made straight from your Opportunity Matrix. Edit your Opportunity Matrix and your worksheet updates automatically.
Detailed & Simple

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