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Features – Keywords

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  • Keywords are accessible from the menu bar and the risk assessment worksheets.
  • Search bar for ease of selection on all Keyword input screens from the menu bar.
  • Keywords display alphabetically.
  • All Keywords can be edited, once edited the changed content is immediately available for selection.
  • Duplicate Keywords cannot be entered.
  • Keywords can be applied to all risk assessment worksheets.
  • Keywords save you time when compiling your risk assessment worksheets.
  • Specific Keyword selection for HAZID – worksheet ‘Applicable’ column.
  • Specific Keyword selection for HAZOP – worksheet ‘Guideword’ column.
  • Specific Keyword selection for HIRA – worksheet ‘Hazard and Consequence columns.
  • Specific Keyword selection for TRA – worksheet ‘Hazard, Consequence, PPE Requirement, Safety Precaution columns.
  • PPE Requirement and Safety Precaution Keywords display on the Task Risk Assessment summary / cover page.
  • Specific Keyword selection for Risk Register – worksheet ‘Area / Function and Sub-Area’ columns
  • Risk Register Area / Function and Sub-Area Keywords are linked, Sub-Area selection is made from Area / Function related content.
  • Risk Register Sub-Area Keywords can only be selected if an Area / Function Keyword has been selected.
  • Add any number of Keywords to each Keyword category.
  • Keywords are stored in a user generated library.
  • Keywords can be added to the library from the menu bar or risk assessment worksheet.
  • Keywords added to the library are available for immediate selection across all projects.
  • Prefix can be applied to Keywords to aide selection.
  • Keywords can be single or multiple words.
  • Keywords ‘pop up’ presents the Keyword listing when the corresponding risk assessment worksheet column is selected.
  • Keywords are added to the risk assessment worksheet by ticking the selection box.
  • Keyword columns on risk assessment worksheets will auto-populate with the chosen content once selected.
  • Multiple Keywords can be added to Keyword columns in HAZID, HAZOP, HIRA, TRA.
  • Single selection Keywords can only be added to the Risk Register.
  • Keywords added from the risk assessment worksheet columns can be added to the library or to the current row.
  • Keywords added to the current row are not added to the library.
  • Add content to Keyword libraries that is project specific with marked content available for selection in specific projects.
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