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Project Dashboard

  • Add unlimited Projects.
  • Add unlimited risk assessment methods to each project.
  • All project risk assessment is stored within the project.
  • All features available across all pricing options.
  • Summary listing of all projects within RISKUL.
  • Colour changing content indicates when completion dates are drawing close.
  • Completed projects are retained for selection, editing and use including copying and re-using content.
  • Project Admin set up projects, Editors / Approvers can update project information.
  • Only Project Admin can delete projects.
  • Project listing can be sorted to display in the required order.
  • Free text project identifier can be assigned to each project.
  • Short text identifier assigned to each project to be used in document numbers.
  • Any created RC Matrix can be selected for use within a project.
  • Once selected the RC Matrix cannot be substituted or deleted but can be edited.
  • Commencement / completion dates are user selected and can be edited at any time.
  • Summary box for information relating to the project.
  • Project Admins have automatic access to every project.
  • User access is determined by Project Admin.
  • Access levels for each User is assigned on a project basis.
  • Logo can be uploaded to display on exported / printed RAM.
  • Edit the selected RC Matrix from the Project Dashboard.
  • Edit the project content from the Project Dashboard.
  • Display of the project identifier, project summary and dates.
  • Summary and dates can be edited to ensure up to date content is always displayed.
  • Summary of all RAM stages and status in the project.
  • Priority Risks [selected from the Risk Register, HAZID & HAZOP worksheets] are displayed.
  • Export a report from the Project Dashboard with 3x report options available.
    • Full Report: Project Summary (incl Risk Acceptance Levels), Priority Risks, Assessment List.
    • Summary & Priority Risks: Project Summary (incl Risk Acceptance Levels), Priority Risks).
    • RAM Status Report: Project Summary (incl Risk Acceptance Levels), Assessment List.
  • Project members and their access levels are shown.
  • Add / remove project members.
  • Change user access permission for the project.
  • Access to all other project content including RAMs and project workspace content from the Project Dashboard.
  • Access Project Workspace features.
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