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Features – Risk Classification Matrix

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  • RC Matrix Templates; a list of all RC Matrices created with the Consequence, Probability & Category shown.
  • Search bar for ease of selection.
  • Add any number of RC Matrices.
  • Edit and update your templates.
  • RC Matrix templates are copied into a project. The created template is retained.
  • Edit RC Matrices used in a project without changing your template.
  • Delete RC Matrix templates without deleting the RC Matrix from the Project where it is used.
  • RC Matrix can be named.
  • Define your risk classification based on the probability & consequence levels.
  • Change your classification [low, med, high] by simply clicking the cell to cycle.
  • RC Matrix can be configured to 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 or any combination.
  • Assess against up to 4x categories.
  • Double up on assessment categories if needed i.e. Cost / Schedule.
  • Default categories of Personnel, Environment, Assets & Reputation are included in the default RC Matrix template.
  • All categories can be edited.
  • Default RC Matrix provided, 5×5 with 4x categories and comprehensive descriptions for probability, consequence and risk acceptance levels.
  • Consequence levels are defined as A-E; Probability levels are defined as 1-5.
  • RC Matrix editing can be continued once selected for use in a project.
  • Changes made to an RC Matrix once used in a Project are immediately reflected the Project risk assessment methods. There is no need to manually update content that has already been created.
  • Create different RC Matrices for different events or hazards within your organisation i.e. create a specific COVID RC Matrix that defines specific COVID factors.
  • Define and edit Probability scale headers.
  • Define and edit Consequence scale headers.
  • Define and edit Probability scale descriptions that are used within RAM Worksheets to determine Risk Levels.
  • Define and edit Consequence scale descriptions for each Assessment Category that are used within RAM Worksheets to determine Risk Levels.
  • Define and edit Risk Acceptance Levels against the RISKUL classification of Low, Medium or High.
  • Select Consequence, Probability, At Risk, Risk Score, and subsequent residual levels on the risk assessment worksheet from the RC Matrix pop-up window.
  • Export / print the RC Matrix with the HIRA and TRA Worksheets if required.
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