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Features – Workspace & Users

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  • Choose between using ‘Light Mode’ or ‘Dark Mode’ themes when working in RISKUL.
  • Make your own notes in an editable private note section.
  • Message individual Users.
  • Access system messages and messages that have been sent from other Users.
  • Create, edit and update User Tasks / To Do Lists that have been assigned from all Projects within RISKUL.
  • A listing of all RAM from live projects whose approval date is within 1 month of expiration or which don’t have an approval date set (Approver assigned roles only). Project Admin will see a listing of all RAM for all Approvers.
  • RISKUL system updates and platform information.
  • Listing of RAM which you have locked.
  • Listing of all RAM which are locked within the system (Project Admin Users only).

Workspace in Projects

  • Make your own notes in an editable Project note section available to all Project Team Members.
  • Notify selected Project Members of notes that have been created.
  • Message Project Team members from a specific Project.
  • Select Project Team member message recipients from the listing of the Project Team members.
  • All Project related messages are stored within the Project tab.
  • Create and assign Tasks to Project Users.
  • Edit / update and change the Task status as work progresses.
  • Retain Task log for traceability throughout the life cycle of the Project.
  • Change log records changes to Project RAMS and content.

User Permissions

  • Assign User permissions and roles to Users on a project basis.
  • Change User names and passwords from your profile page.
  • Project Admins control Project deletion.
  • Assign Users as Readers, Editors or Approvers with specific permissions for each role.
  • Limited restrictions on User Permissions for each role.
  • All non-assigned Users have reader access to all Projects within RISKUL by default.
  • Removing a User retains their work and actions assigned.
  • Add / remove Users from RISKUL with ease.
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