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What are Keywords

Keywords are user-defined terms used in risk assessment methods within RISKUL. They simplify and standardize assessments by allowing users to select predefined words, phrases, or sentences relevant to specific assessment stages.

Keywords are the cornerstone of efficient risk assessments in RISKUL. These user-defined terms streamline the process, making it easier, faster, and more effective. In RISKUL, risk assessment worksheets are designed to be used at particular stages of assessment. Keyword columns in risk assessment worksheets reflect this and keywords are utilised differently in each risk assessment method.

Why Use Keywords?

Save Time: Reuse predefined terms, avoiding repetitive input.

Boost Efficiency: Streamline your assessment process.

Enhance Standardization: Ensure consistent and reliable assessments.

Increase Detail and Effectiveness: Improve the quality and impact of your assessments.

Project-Specific Libraries: Create tailored keyword sets for different projects.

Better Organization: Easily filter and group content in your worksheets.

Powerful Filtering: HAZID and Risk Register columns support filtering to target specific areas.

Managing Your Keyword Library

Dynamic Updates: Automatically update the library with new keywords.

Editable and Manageable: Simple and intuitive editing and management.

Categorised by Method: Keywords are organized by their respective assessment methods, e.g., HAZID keywords in the HAZID library.

Project-Specific Keywords: Create and manage keywords specific to individual projects.

How Keywords Work in Assessments

Easy Selection: Choose keywords directly from the library within your risk assessment worksheets.

Multiple Keywords: Most risk assessment methods allow multiple keyword selections to be added to each column.

Flexible Addition: Add keywords from the menu bar or directly in the worksheet column.

Keywords in Action

Managing Your Keywords

Easy Addition and Deletion: Add keywords easily from the menu bar or from your worksheets; deleted keywords remain in worksheets where used.

Project Assignment: Assign keywords to all projects or specific ones, but not multiple projects simultaneously.

No Duplicates: Duplicate entries cannot be added to the library.

Unlimited Keywords: There’s no cap on the number of keywords you can add.

RISKUL offers a comprehensive suite of risk assessment and management tools, featuring five distinct methodologies: HAZID, HAZOP, HIRA, TRA, and Risk Register. Each RISKUL tool boasts over 40 exclusive design and functionality features providing unique insights and approaches to effectively identify, analyze, and mitigate risks.

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