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Tools & Features

Discover the distinctiveness of RISKUL through its array of tools and features, including Matrix Templates, Workspaces, Projects, and Keywords.

From Risk Classification to Opportunity Matrices and user-friendly action summaries, RISKUL ensures a consistent approach to your Risk Management activities.

Risk Classification & Opportunity Matrix

Define operational categories such as Personnel, Environment, Assets, & Schedule. Add Strategic content to your matrix like Operations, Strategy, Finance, & Reputation for use in the Risk Register. Configure an Opportunity Matrix with Benefit & Probability categories. Select the opportunity value and determine a strategy to realise the opportunity.

Tailoring Your Risk Assessment

Empower your risk assessment with the Risk Classification Matrix, where you define content, configuration, and operational categories, including Personnel, Environment, Assets, and Schedule. Elevate your Risk Register with Strategic insights in Operations, Strategy, Finance, and Reputation to make informed decisions.

Create Templates

Create and edit RC & Opportunity Matrix templates. Configure content for use in your projects.

Risk & Opportunity

Use a Risk Classification and an Opportunity Matrix. Classify risk, and identify opportunity benefits.

Define & Describe

From Ignore to Exploit, define your opportunity strategies, and decide which course of action to take.

Strategic Risk

Add a Strategic Matrix to your Project and assess risk to your wider objectives in addition to your project Assessment Categories.

Efficient Workspace Management

Optimize your organization, planning, and management efforts with RISKUL’s Workspace. Easily coordinate your activities and collaborate with other users within your organization, all from your dedicated private and shared project Workspace.

Open Actions

View and update all open RAM actions assigned to you from all projects. Workspace updates as you update.

Approval Required

View RAM which are close to their approval review date. Click and update review dates and keep your content approved.

Team Interaction

Interact with other users via RISKUL messages. Assign, edit, and update project tasks, and share project related notes.

Take Note

Write private notes in your Workspace or share project notes in Project Workspace. Never lose sight of what needs doing.

Seamless Project Setup

Creating and configuring your projects is a breeze with RISKUL. Define projects according to your needs, from straightforward tasks to intricate activities, and assign Project Admin, Approver, and Editor roles on a per-project basis. Access comprehensive project statistics on dedicated dashboards for a comprehensive overview.

Project Reports

Get a comprehensive summary of your project using the 3x RISKUL Project Report options.

Unlimited Projects

RISKUL don’t limit your number of Projects. Create what you need when you need it.

Unlimited Assessment

All your project RAM are stored within the project. There is unlimited RAM creation in every project.

Reuse Content

Copy selected content to complete assessments across Projects. RISKUL removes specific project information and gets your work accurate.

Efficiency with Keyword Libraries

Say goodbye to repetitive data entry. Utilize our Keyword libraries to pre-configure and swiftly select listings from pop-ups in your worksheet. Streamline the assessment process, making it faster, more concise, and ensuring standardized content.

Add Keywords

Keywords can be added directly from the worksheets or the menu bar, it’s your choice.

Multiple Choice

Keyword enabled worksheet columns provide pop up Keyword menus to select from.

Be Selective

Single use, add to your library, or project specific. Use Keywords how you want.

Deleted Keywords

Deleted in error? Worksheets retain the inputted Keywords unless manually changed.

Export, Print & Share

RISKUL includes optimised print templates. Print project reports and your assessments with summary pages that include all the information you need to show. With RISKUL, you’ve created a professional and concise worksheet without the need to format.
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