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Features – Risk Register

By November 14, 2022No Comments
  • 1x Risk Register per project.
  • The Risk Register doesn’t require approval, review periods to be set or other criteria to be specified.
  • Status statistics show Risk Register actions that are Open or Closed.
  • A Donut chart shows the Stage statistics [the number of rows within the Risk Register] and the Residual Risk Score for each row.
  • Priority Risks selected from the Risk Register show in a condensed view on the dashboard. The view includes a summary of the action, the Residual Risk Score and Responsible.
  • See the Risk Acceptance Level that is defined in the Project RC Matrix to better understand the Residual Risk Scores.
  • Edit the Project RC Matrix, changes made to the RC Matrix are immediately updated in the Worksheet, statistics and Risk Acceptance Level.
  • The Risk Register is locked and cannot be edited when another User is working with the Risk Register.
  • Readers can view content but can’t edit.
  • Assign ‘Initiated By’, ‘Mitigation’, & ‘Responsible’ from the list of project members or add free text.
  • Specifically designed layout and header columns incorporated into the Risk Register allow for detailed content to be added, assigned, tracked and mitigated.
  • Adjust the Risk Register column widths to suit your screen size. 
  • Save, discard, undo or redo changes made to a Risk Register.
  • Use multiple filters on the Risk Register worksheet to focus on key areas.
  • Add worksheet rows with filters applied, row will populate with the filtered selection.
  • Re-order the Worksheet by moving rows up / down the Worksheet. Order retained for print / export.
  • Sequential row Id numbering when adding a new row to the Risk Register.
  • Risk Register row content can be edited at any time by assigned Users.
  • Area / Function and Sub-Area columns are Keyword entry. Select content from your pre-configured Keyword library, add Keywords that will only show on the current Risk Register row or save to the Keyword Library for use on other projects.
  • Select Consequence, Probability and (Residual) options on the Worksheet from the RC Matrix pop-up.
  • Keyword selection is limited to 1x per row.
  • Sub-Area Keyword selection can only be made if an Area / Function Keyword selection has been made.
  • Selecting an Area / Function Keyword will present the assigned Sub-Area Keywords for selection in the Sub-Area column.
  • Any number of Priority Risks can be selected to show on the Risk Register dashboard and Project Dashboard.
  • Only Open content can be selected as Priority Risk.
  • Closing an action automatically deselects the row if previously selected as Priority Risk.
  • Free text columns in the Risk Register allow you to add content as you require.
  • Change the Status to Open or Closed depending on the condition of the action.
  • Changing the Status to Closed auto-fills the Close date.
  • Delete row content that is no longer relevant.
  • Rows don’t re-number once a row has been deleted. Row references to specific row Id numbers will be retained.
  • Rows don’t re-number once a row has been deleted. Row references to specific row Id numbers will be retained.
  • Optimised screen size is available when working in a Worksheet.
  • Select ‘At Risk’ from the Risk Classification Matrix ‘Assessment Category’ or add a free text entry for specific content.
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