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Release Date: 07/11/2022

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to continue improving RISKUL, v1.3.0 is our biggest functionality update yet.

RAM Worksheets

Ability to manually move rows up / down HAZID, HAZOP, HIRA, TRA, Risk Register worksheets. Row numbering is retained but you can order your worksheet content your way. Row position is retained for print / export.

RAM Assessment Lists

Retired RAM now default to the bottom of the Assessment List on the RAM Summary page. The text also fades out to make retired RAM easy to see.

RAM Summary Page – Notes

Notes can now be edited at any time, even on approved RAM. Simply update the content and save the Note. Changes to Notes doesn’t impact approved RAM revision numbering.

Project Specific Keywords

Project specific keyword entries have been enabled for all RAM (HAZID, HAZOP, HIRA, TRA, Risk Register). Project specific content is now available on:

HAZID – Applicable column

HAZOP – Guideword column

HIRA – Hazard & Consequence columns

TRA – PPE Requirements, Safety Precautions, Hazard, Consequence columns

Risk Register – Area, Sub-Area columns

HAZOP Worksheet – Guidewords and Keywords

The HAZOP Worksheet Guideword / Deviation column has been renamed to ‘Guideword’.

Adding a Guideword now allows for the description to be added separately. In the Worksheet, the Guideword Description can be seen by hovering your mouse over the added Guideword.

Print & Export – All Worksheets

All Worksheets have been modified to optimise print layout & spacing. The ‘Responsible’ & ‘Status’ columns have been combined to maximise column widths across the Worksheet.

An additional print button has been added to Worksheet screens, you no longer have to leave the Worksheet to print.

Print & Export – Reports

Project reports have been modified to optimise print layout & spacing.

HAZOP Worksheet Print / Export

The HAZOP Worksheet print now includes a table of the Guidewords and their Descriptions used in the Worksheet. Guidewords print alphabetically.

Worksheet Filtering

New layout and filters have been added to all RAM Worksheets. Multiple filters can be applied at any time. Worksheet content can be selected to print with the filters applied.

The ‘Sort’ function on Worksheet RAM columns has been removed.

Risk Classification Matrix

The RCM Consequence levels have been changed from 1-5 to A-E. The RCM now shows as Consequence A-E / Probability 1-5.

Deleting RAM

RAM Worksheets can now be deleted by Project Admin. A delete option is displayed on the RAM Summary page. Once deleted the Worksheet cannot be recovered. The assigned document number is not reused so there is no possibility of confusion or having 2x Worksheets with the same number.

User Guide

The User Guide has been updated, new look, new feel, with interactive menu bar, hyperlinks, and search function.
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