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Release Date: 26/03/2024

RISKUL v1.6.1 improves how information is displayed in Dashboards and Reports.

We’ve also condensed the Project Reports into 2x options (with Cost / without Cost), improved the layout, and how your information is presented.

Dashboard Improvements

Priority Risk (Risk Register) section; the Residual Risk and Strategy columns have been removed to allow more space for the Mitigation column.

Priority Opportunities section; The OAL and Strategy columns have been removed to allow more space for the Opportunity Description column.

Risk Register Dashboard Changes

The Risk Register Dashboard has been updated. The ‘Project Risks’ & ‘Strategic Risks’ sections now show the ‘At Risk’ category breakdown in a donut chart and the Opportunity ‘Value List’ is shown as a bar chart.

Print Templates

We’ve redesigned the Project Dashboard print templates and have replaced the tabular information with an easy to read graph and chart design.

RAM Status Summary and Priority Risk Report have been removed. There are 2x new project report print options:

Print ‘Cost’. This report supports the Risk Budget features introduced in v1.6.0, the report includes:

  • Project Summary Information
  • Risk Register Cost Summary (Budget, Currency, Risk Cost, Budget Remaining)
  • Risk Register, Opportunities, HAZID, HAZOP, HIRA, TRA summary (displayed in chart format)
  • Priority Opportunities
  • Priority Risks – Risk Register, HAZID, HAZOP
  • Assessment Lists (HAZID, HAZOP, HIRA, TRA)
  • Opportunity Matrix
  • Risk Classification Matrix
  • Project Members

Print ‘Full’. This report includes the same content as the ‘Cost’ report but without the cost related information.

We’ve also re-ordered the pages, improved the worksheet layout, and the RC Matrix presentation.

HIRA & TRA Worksheet Printing

We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the RC Matrix printing on 1x page and removed the % of Cost Provisioned section in the Probability column as this is only needed when printing the Risk Register Worksheet.
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