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Release Date: 08/07/2024

RISKUL v1.7.0 introduces new worksheet features and a significant update to our Risk Classification Matrix.

RC / Opportunity Matrix Templates & Risk Register Strategic Matrix

In version 1.7.0, we have separated the Project and Strategic Risk Classification Matrices (RCM).

For project-related risks, the RCM used for HIRA & TRA has been renamed ‘Operational’ and is now used exclusively for HIRA and TRA. There are still four assessment categories available: Personnel, Environment, Assets, and Schedule, which remain as the default categories in RISKUL. The default category text has been enhanced but can be customized as needed.

Creating an RCM template has also been improved. Users can now select the categories they want, and RISKUL will populate the RCM with the chosen content and default category text.

The updated Strategic RCM now offers eight default category options: Operations, Strategy, Finance, Reputation, H&S (Health & Safety), Quality, Technical, and Schedule. We have provided concise default descriptions for these categories. This update enhances the focus on strategic risk management while adding four additional categories for users to utilize. All categories can be edited to fit specific needs.

The Opportunity Matrix default ‘Benefit’ category descriptions have also been improved but can be edited as required.

Show / Hide

RISKUL v1.7.0 introduces a new feature that allows you to configure all RAM worksheets to show or hide selected content when a filter is applied. This feature enables you to display specific content while preserving the integrity of the entire worksheet.

  1. Select Rows: Choose the rows you wish to show or hide.
  2. Apply Filter: Apply the filter to manage the visibility of the selected content.
  3. Compatibility: This filter works seamlessly with other worksheet filters.
  4. Export Options: Content can be printed or exported to PDF with the filter applied, ensuring your selected view is maintained.

This enhancement streamlines the process of managing worksheet visibility, making it easier to focus on relevant information.


A ‘Note’ column has been added to all RAM worksheets, providing a convenient way to add comments, make suggestions, track items, or offer additional context. This feature enhances collaboration and clarity for users.

Key Features:

  1. Add Comments: Easily add comments to any row for better context and communication.
  2. Suggestions and Tracking: Use the ‘Note’ column to make suggestions and track important items.
  3. Contextual Information: Provide additional context to help other users understand the content.
  4. Editable: Notes can be edited at any time, ensuring information stays current.
  5. Confidentiality: Notes are not displayed in printed or exported content, maintaining the privacy of internal comments.

RCM Consequence Selection in HIRA, TRA, & Risk Register

Selecting a Consequence (CQ) level from the worksheet is now more streamlined and user-friendly. Previously, when selecting a CQ, RISKUL displayed all the CQ assessment categories from within the RCM. With version v1.7.0, only the CQ for the chosen assessment categories will be displayed, making the interface cleaner and easier to navigate.

Risk Register Worksheet & Dashboard

We have updated the column organization in the Risk Register to enhance the flow of the worksheet. With the changes to the Strategic RCM for the Risk Register, the ‘Project’ risk charts are no longer required resulting in a cleaner, less cluttered, and more comprehensible risk register dashboard.

Light Mode

The light mode has been completely redesigned, resulting in a significantly cleaner and more user-friendly experience.

Revision Tracking

A Revision tab has been added to all RAM. Revisions are tracked and updated whenever a RAM stage is changed from Draft/Review to Approved, or vice versa. The revision table automatically populates with the time, date, and user information. Additionally, users can add free-text content in the Comment/Update field to clearly describe the changes implemented in the latest revision.

Transfer from HAZID to HAZOP

The useful ‘Transfer to HAZOP’ feature has also been enhanced. The destination of transferred content is now displayed in the ‘Additional Control Measures’ column in the HAZID worksheet, following any user-entered content. This allows users to easily see where the transferred action has been placed.

Print Updates

All reports and RAM worksheet print/exports that include the RCM have been updated to incorporate the latest changes.


The RRiD can be de-selected or changed directly from the Opportunity Worksheet, allowing linked content to be modified or unlinked.

Responsible assigned to RAM rows can be de-selected, leaving the responsible party as ‘Not Assigned’ if necessary.

Additionally, we have made slight styling modifications to improve content spacing and overall presentation.
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